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THE Pixel Portrait Community

Pixel Portraits
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This community is for Pixel Doll Artists to post their dolls on, namely the dolls they do after people... hence the name; Pixel Portraits. Please share your dolls, sites, contests, contests enteries, ect. with us. Join Now!

When you first join our community, please do introduce yourself on your first post in our community, post a few of your portrait dolls and fill out the survey below:

Website URL:
Website Name:
Fave Band/Musician:
Fave Portrait Subjects:
Programs Used:
How Long You've Been Dolling:

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Some Basic Posting Rules

1) If you post a Doll on this community whose base is not your own please include a link to the website of the artist who made the base.

2) If any of the dolls posted on this site are thought to be frankendolls the poster will be warned and if necissary, banned.

3) When posting dolls make sure to tell us who they were made after, what person they are a portrait of. If you like, you can even include a photo for those of us who might not have heard of the person.

4) All doll containing posts made on this community must include at least one potrait doll. This means you can post other dolls too other than portraits, but it is frowned upon... lets try to stick with the theme. But, You may post new bases you made to share with us if that tickles your fancy.

5) Portrait dolls do not have to be only after celebrities, they can be after friends, family, characters from well-known books, characters from movies, them damned politicians, band members, well known scientists/historians/writers, movie characters... etc.

6) We can not take responcibility for anything posted on this community being stolen and used by other people... but we'll try to help out if we can. Please report any art theft you may find on this community.


* * * *

About Our Icon
The doll on the current icon and title image is of Toshiya, bassist of Dir en Grey who is also pictured in the icon. The doll was made by Tlouey with the use of Papaya's doll base.