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New stuff! ^_^

I did this for zfjade of ZapFashion.com, cause I was browsing around her site and got really inspired. <3 I'd love to comission her to make those pants (or any other cool clothing ideas I have!), but I am teh poor. :P Ah well. I hope she likes. ^_^;
Base is Mine.

Heather, from Silent Hill 3. I'm pretty happy with her, although there's some things I could nitpick at (the gun being one of them), but I'm generally happy with her. I want to do a series of her in her differned outfits from the game. :3
Base by Papaya Happy Doll Land.

My Valentine's Day gift to all my sisters and friends. This version (the winged one) is NOT ADOPTABLE! There's a non-winged adoptable version on my site. I really really like how she came out, too. <3
Base is Mine.

Cute doll of myself. I really love this base, too. I tried a different style of shading here and I think it looks good. Probably won't do it often, as it is, quite litterally, pixel by pixel. x_x
Base by Dada Doll.

Feb. 10th, 2004

I've got a new domain: http://www.perfectdreams.us
Right now it's just a forwarding of my doll site, but soon it will contain all my stuff :)



I've been meaning to post in here for a while and just remembered. Woo! It was time for another self-portrait of nicole. I now have...three. Haha. THis one definately looks the most like me and is probably one of my best dolls, as sad as that is.
Base: http://www.devilsheart.net/sunna/index2.html

And a doll of one of the characters from the game Jet Set Radio. It's alright to post that here, right? After all, it is a portrait of sorts.
Base: http://www.alhana.tk/

Blah, I don't do many portrait-type dolls.


Name/Alias :: Alaina/Ally
Website URL :: http://www.gurukitty.com/ally
Website Name :: Pixely
Fave Band/Musician :: Goo Goo Dolls, Yoko Kanno, Fuel, Rammestien, Sarah McLachlan, Rasputina, BT, Dirty Vegas, Soul Asylum...
Fave Portrait Subjects :: Myself. ^_^;; And my friends. I like doing furry/anthro dolls, too. Pretty much whatever strikes my fancy.
Programs Used :: Paintshop Pro 5, mostly. Sometimes Paintshop Pro 7.
How Long You've Been Dolling :: A little over a year.

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Even though my site is half-homeless (AKA K-Thing is picky about them damn free servers of doom and too lazy and paranoid to go beg for a home) I still live... even if I have a cold and am sneezing everywhere -_-

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Okies, I'm new so here we go...

Name/Alias: Jasmine, but most call me Bunny!...or Jazz
Website URL:http://greatestjournal.com/users/bmq77, my main site is closed rite now, b/c i'm busy...and a bit lazy
Website Name:blog of random-ness and bad art.
Fave Band/Musician: Dir en Grey, Linkin Park, N.E.R.D *The neptunes*, Lester Bowie Brass Fantasy...yea i'm a diverse bunny
Fave Portrait Subjects: EGL stuff, people I know, LOTR*i guess*, the random stuff that goes in my head.
Programs Used:dang Visual STudio...my programming prof is soo....oops! u meant for art? Adobe PSP 7
How Long You've Been Dolling: I started and stop. for about 4 years, got spoiled by photoshop and higher pc graphics. so i been back at it for about 3 months or so?

and here's something...so we can all get a good laugh
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My new layout is up and running.
Pixel Dreams

I will soon be getting a new domain, so be on the look-out for that.

Hi Everyone! ::waves::

I just started doing this - and I was SO excited to find this community... so here's my info:

Name/Alias: Deeva
Website URL: http://deeva-designs.com
Website Name: Christy Romano World
Fave Band/Musician: The GooGoo Dolls
Fave Portrait Subjects: Christy Romano (so far, lol)
Programs Used: PSP 8 and PS 7
How Long You've Been Dolling: I just started!! :D

This is my first EVER doll that is based on Christy Romano - you can see the picture where I got the idea for the clothes HERE - the base is by faerygrrl

I'm looking forward to making more dollz to show and share. :D


whoooa x_x I feel so homeless and dead.

And while feeling in such ways I made a kiyoshi o_o FROM MACHINE and spread beaver and 50 million other things, yessir.
Base by papaya...