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Name/Alias: Pixie
Website URL: I actually dont have a dolling website anymore >.< its sucks....but i have a comic site...
Website Name: Out of the Ordinary
Fave Band/Musician: So many to choose from cause i listen to lots of diffrent types of music.. Otep, Beyonce, Flyleaf...so many x.x
Fave Portrait Subjects: Trying to make myself and friends...if thats what you mean
Programs Used: Paint shop pro
How Long You've Been Dolling: Wow for years a loooonng time on and off....still not very good tho :)

Jul. 20th, 2006

hem... hi I'm new there =D

Name/Alias: Aurora / Karin
Website URL: http://muranosaru.tk
Website Name: Mura no Saru
Fave Band/Musician: uh! it's an italian group that you can't know XD "elio e le storie tese"
Fave Portrait Subjects: I dunno...
Programs Used: photoshop
How Long You've Been Dolling: one year and something else... but I'm not sure...

and sooo finally I found this community and I'm so happy *_* I'm sure I'll have fun here =D ohhh I hope I'll found new friends here =3
this are my last dolls:
maybe they are too bug for the big text... so I cutted them ._.
ispired by an italian tv-thing so funny and stupid (this tow women click and click )! I had fun making them XD even if they was pretty difficoult @_@

please forgeve me for my baaaad english ;__;

Nice to meet you all!

Website URL:I have no website, just a gallery http://kgfcida.deviantart.com/
Fave Band/Musician: Huh.. Daft Punk, Stratovarius and Die Aertzte I think.
Fave Portrait Subjects: My forum friends...
Programs Used:Phoroshop CS2 or 7.0
How Long You've Been Dolling: About 4 years.

Here are some portraits of my friends from Fowl.ru... enjoy!


New forum!

Hello, Just a quick note to say that for all of you ALTERNATIVE dollers out there, a new Forum has been created. Called Green Jelly and located at..http://s3.invisionfree.com/GreenJelly Its For all of you dollers that hand-draw slightly 'different' dolls and pixels. Feel free to join, post an application and wait to be accepted. We accept most people and dont have too many rules,

THanks very much,


Note-x-posted to many communities, I did check in each communities info to see if x-posting was allowed, if i have posted in a community where it is not, then feel free to delete the post. My apologies!


I'm new, so I guess I'll introduce myself.
Name/Alias :: Minimoose/Mini
Website URL :: http://www.minimoose-dolls.tk
Website Name :: Minimoose's Dolls
Fave Band/Musician :: Music? I live for dolling!
Fave Portrait Subjects :: Anything new and interesting. (Check out my latest doll, a boy in a ballroom gown!)
Programs Used :: MS Paint. Only MS Paint.
How Long You've Been Dolling :: A year or so.

That's about it. I also write poetry.


My character Phoenix in human form > my character Gwen in a Cactuar shirt> A cute spring-themed doll > two self portraits trying out a different shading style.

Bases >> Unreal Designs, Cherryville, Unauthorized Kisses (what is the addy to there? The .net one doesn't exist anymore, and I don't know of any other URL...), Angy-chan's Doll House.

Last Day

Today is the last day to enter the Love Of Chrome contest.
Tarien Creations

HI! *waves*

Name/Alias: Kathryne/Shroomie
Website URL: (I'm currently making one)
Website Name: N/A
Fave Band/Musician: dir en grey, plastic tree, zeromancer
Fave Portrait Subjects: musicians, schoolgirls ^_^
Programs Used: MS Paint (I'm deprived)
How Long You've Been Dolling: 2 months

If I can find the doll I made, I'll post it.